Small Pond Geometric

Friday, May 20th 2011. | Water park

Small Pond Geometric

is a small pond which designed as a decoration in the home page. Because sometimes we just have a little home page, then the pond is designed with a shape that is rectangular geometric conform with home design and size of the pond is also small so as not to require a large place.
backyard water park Small Pond Geometric
Small Pond
Picture above shows the design of a small pond or water garden behind the house. Size, not too broad. You can put different kinds of aquatic plants as decoration for you there and maybe your ornamental fish enthusiasts can also keep it in the small pond.
water gardens front of the house Small Pond Geometric
To picture a small pond or water garden above, lies not in the back of the house, but in front. Similarly, the geometric design of a small pond behind the house, here also you can put the water garden as a decoration as well as ornamental fish. But because it is situated in front of the house, maybe if you put at ornamental fish in small pond is big enough, it can give a pretty good impression. Because it will always be visible when people will begin to enter your home.

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small pond

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