Bamboo Houses Concept

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bamboo house

Bamboo Houses Concept

Bamboo is a natural material found in various countries. Various creations are produced from bamboo ranging from musical instruments, furniture to house materials used in architecture bamboo house.
Bamboo has a tough and elastic fibers able to withstand the compressive load, tensile, shear and bend properly. In addition, the abundant presence in nature, cheap and relatively fast growth period to be other advantages compared with wood materials.
The weakness of bamboo when used as building materials are susceptible to moisture and termites and beetles powder. But can be overcome with proper preservation process bamboo and bamboo house design is not directly in contact with soil. So that termites can not attack. And most importantly the choice of bamboo as a building material. Bamboo anything suitable as a frame house or roof. All must be adjusted to fit the needs and functionality of the bamboo.
Architecture of traditional bamboo houses impressed, but also to the bamboo house in a modern design. all depending on the architect as a designer designs the bamboo house.
The uniqueness of bamboo a tough and elastic and light weight construction made ??of bamboo houses more resistant to earthquakes. So the bamboo house is suitable be applied in areas of frequent earthquakes. In addition, bamboo house design would reduce the rate of global warming becoming increasingly broad day. And certainly impressed bamboo house design is unique, beautiful and natural and was cool as a residence. How about you, whether you also want to build bamboo houses. Hopefully useful.
Bamboo House 1 Bamboo Houses Conceptbamboo house interior Bamboo Houses Concept
bamboo house concept Bamboo Houses Conceptbamboo house design Bamboo Houses Concept
bamboo house

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